Your Story Counts: Even During an Awkward Elevator Ride

The elevator doors opened and four of us walked in. We entered the elevator from the ground floor of a hospital. The doors closed and everyone took their position facing the doors, waiting for their floor.

Then, the unheard of happened, someone turned around and faced the three of us.

Okay, guy… elevator etiquette… small space… eek… I have a bubble… why? Then he started to speak. “I hate being in these elevators and not talking to people. People always just quietly stand and watch the door. So why are you here?” He asked to one of the three of us with normal elevator etiquette. “Visiting a friend,” this girl responded.” “How about you,” he asked the man next to me. “Same,” he replied. Then he asked me, “Why are you here?” “My friend just gave birth, I’m here to see her,” I said. Then I noticed that no one had asked him why he was there. “Why are you here?” I asked the man. He smiled with his mouth and lower half of his face, but his eyes were not smiling. “They found cancer in my intestines. I’m here for some tests and next week… I start treatment.” Then the response he was not expecting came out of my mouth, “Oh, I had cancer too. It’s been ten years now,” I said with a smile. His eyes lit up with the rest of his smile.

I saw the look in his eyes change from sadness to hope.

“What kind of cancer?” He asked excitedly. “I had lymphoma and went through lots of chemotherapy,” I replied. The elevator doors opened, it was his floor. He looked and saw it was his time to leave our elevator therapy session, then he looked back at me and said, “It was great meeting you!”

As he walked out of the elevator, he turned back one last time to take a look at the girl who had survived cancer. I’m sure it was the last thing he expected to hear from the last person he would expect to hear it from on that elevator. I knew that our short conversation had impacted him. He met a survivor. It was what I longed for when I was sick, to meet survivors and hear their stories.

We are all here for a reason, even if it is for a short moment on an elevator.

Sometimes, it is easy to wonder why we are here and what our purpose is. I don’t think people realize what an impact they can make on others by simply sharing their stories. If you have gone through it, others have and will too. Sharing our stories helps others learn and serves as inspiration. We are all here for a reason, even if it is for a short moment on an elevator.


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  1. Caroline forwarded me your story. Just wanted to say: well done girl, you connected and with great results. Well done. I bet that guy feels a whole lot better now! I certainly do 🙂
    Warm regards, Miriam Goodwin, Cape Town

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